Rhode Island General Assembly Rankings

See how your elected officials stack up against the rest on factors that matter to you

Over the next 3 months, Senate and House rankings will be released in focused segments, giving voters a complete and clear picture of their legislator's performance six months in advance of the state primary elections. Each metric will eventually make up the full rankings board is an important piece of each legislator's overall record. Over the coming weeks we will publish these individual metrics in a way that is easy to understand. We will discuss how we scored each component and why each metric we rank is important in evaluating your elected official's performance in the General Assembly.

The next sets to be published continue holding legislators directly accountable for their actual floor and committee votes. The next segment is the Environmental Rankings, based on votes for/against the ECRI position on over 25 bills covering 2018-2019. You'll have an easy to understand, first-hand glimpse at your legislator's performance as it pertains to their fight against climate change and the environment. 

Upcoming Rankings

Senate - Environmental Voting Record (3/2/20)

House - Environmental Voting Record (3/9/20)

Senate - Open Government & Ethics (3/23/20)

House - Open Government & Ethics (3/30/20)

Senate - Constituent Inquiry Response Time (4/6/20)

House - Constituent Inquiry Response Time (4/20/20)